My Projects

Examining Achievement Gap in MN K-12 Education: Identifying Factors and Mitigation Strategies

Examining student-staff dynamics and academic performance, employing machine learning models to recommend optimal assignments and pairings based on various factors.

Methodizing EPIC Patients’ EHR Data with Prenatal Substance Exposures

Developed and analyzed prenatally exposed children to identify neurodevelopmental changes and construct policy change.

Passive Microwave Retrieval of Snow Density using SMAP Satellite Observations

Solved an inverse problem of snow density (LSTM with RMSE 20.981) and vegetation depth (Random Forest with RMSE 0.045) prediction from satellite data to accomplish large-scale global monitoring in scenarios with diverse environments and finite observation stations.

Analysis of A* Search on various Cities

Investigated optimal pathway planning in urban environments using A* search and diverse heuristics, comparing their performance across different cities and evaluating use cases, temporal complexity, and spatial complexity.

Market Basket Analysis for Targeted Sales

Explored Instacart’s customer behavior, including behavioral customer profiling, market basket analysis, customer segmentation, and user-specific product recommendations.